Imagine a world …

… in which programs can be “build” with marble runs …

– what would teaching programming in this world look like?

Enter: The Pinocchioverse

Accessible via:



Video Games?

Mixed Reality Environments?

Virtual Reality Environments?

The Pinocchioverse is shared universe – just like the MCU, the Potterverse or the Universe of Star Trek – but for schools! By hearing stories about the Pinocchioverse and making exercises out of it, pupils learn basic ideas of computer science and programming!

On this side you find everything to start teaching computer science based on the Pinocchioverse, create your own exercises/games/virtual learning environments or do research on it!

Disclaimer: the Pinocchioverse is a private project by me. I don’t hold a degree in CS didactics and nothing that you see here has (yet) been approved by science. If you use anything here its at your own risk and please refrain from using it on actual pupils outside safe scientific contexts! Thanks for your understanding.

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About Me

I’m Jan Niklas Bingemann

I’m a computer scientist interested in the combination of storytelling and education